The Story behind Jean-Pierre Sand

The mark
Jean-Pierre Sand saw the light of day in August 1957 in Blieskastel an der Blies. The Saarland belonged to France until 1957, which had an enormous influence on the way of life there. The French way of life still shapes this region and spreads its special charm. He grew up with a sister in a sheltered family circle.
Since he was a child, Jean Pierre has spent a lot of time with his family on the Cote d´Azur and in Grasse, the birthplace of perfume. Endless fields of lavender, a sense of style and the beautiful things in life have been with him all his life. He has always been fascinated by the endless lavender fields of Provence and the pleasant scents that surround this region.
After school, Jean Pierre's parents made it possible for him to do an internship in one of the world's most famous perfume museums in Grasse, where he was able to learn the basics of perfumery. Perfumers get to know around 2500 different fragrances in their professional career, some of which develop into favorite smells and make up the personal touch of the perfumer.
Jean Pierre works with a basic palette of around 900 fragrances with which he refines his compositions. It is very interesting that the normal mortal can only smell a maximum of 7 fragrances in a row, a really good perfumer can get 20-25 in his nose without problems. A perfume is made up of top, heart and base notes and can take on very different scent notes depending on the type and proportion of the basic components. The most important fragrance components are flowers, fruits, spices, bark and resin, leaves, grasses, mosses, berries, roots, animal secretions and so-called gourmand notes (chocolate, caramel, sugar, cotton candy, honey, sweet milk, almonds).
Since this wealth of experience, he has not abandoned the fragrance industry and has been developing and selling exclusive scented waters all over the world for over 30 years. He gets his inspiration from the most beautiful spots on earth. Paris, Rome or Tuscany are the sources of his creations. He gets his best ideas in Provence, where he loved to spend his time as a child. 
He brings all his ideas and impressions together in his place of work in Paris, where he creates the noble bottles and scented water as a “fragrance designer” (as he calls himself). Specifically tailored to the target groups, he first develops a fragrance composition and is then directed to the bottle and the packaging. The name always comes at the end.
Because as Jean Pierre says, a creation must first be given the soul in order to then give the work of art a suitable name. In the course of his job he has already developed hundreds of fragrant gems and his further plans know no bounds. After a Charité in Versaille, he was nicknamed "Prince de Parfum", which means "Prince of Fragrances". A high honor in the highly competitive perfume industry. One of his favorite fragrances is Triumphal, this fragrance is an ode to his favorite country France and is a replica of the "Arc de Triumph" from Paris.
In his free time, Jean Pierre Sand loves to do sports and is an extreme connoisseur. Good food, good wine and a stylish ambience reflect his zest for life and his life motto. Always dressed in the latest fashion and with a finger on the pulse, he will give pleasure for a long time to come with his creations.